About Dinamo® 

The DINAMO natural diabetes supplement is a combination of precisely blended raw organic fruits, vegetables and spices that are targeted to help lower blood sugar levels. DINAMO is just real food for real diabetics with real results!

Dinamo Diabetes Supplement

  • What IF you could help reduce the amount of insulin you take?
  • What IF you had a chance to wake up with a fasting blood sugar in normal ranges?
  • What IF you could feel energized every day and help to prevent your blood sugar levels from the extreme spiking highs and lows?
  • What IF you could experience the freedom of knowing that you are helping yourself toward a healthy and more satisfying lifestyle?
  • What IF you could have a REAL FOOD, ORGANIC supplement that was created specifically for diabetics… and you just feel great?!

Well, now you can have it all, with DINAMO!  Regardless of your age or how you feel… if you are fighting type 1 or type 2 diabetes, you owe it to yourself to TRY DINAMO TODAY.

Diabetes can damage your eyes, kidneys, nerves and blood circulation.  Since there is no cure for diabetes it seems that SELF-MANAGEMENT is the key to ensuring a long, healthy life.  The best success in the self-management of your diabetes is having the ability to maintain a healthy diet, eating the right foods, and having an exercise and activity schedule that fits your needs. Eating right is the best way to help fight diabetes.

Dinamo Diabetes Supplement

Studies show that diabetics should have certain amounts of  SUPERFOODS on a daily basis… but when in your busy schedule do you get the time to consume these amounts? DINAMO does it all for you in the easiest way possible to get the maximum effects of the combined super whole foods. Learn about our natural treatment for diabetes below.

How do you take DINAMO?

Simple!  Just mix the 2-ounce DINAMO serving of blended whole foods with your favorite fruit or vegetable beverage. Mix it up, drink it up!

Thereʼs No Chopping… No Shopping… No Washing… No Preparing.

DINAMO is a precise blend of ORGANIC WHOLE FOODS that comes conveniently packaged in a 2-ounce serving.

We recommend taking DINAMO twice a day… once in the morning and once in the evening. 

What’s in DINAMO?

DINAMO is a combination of precisely blended raw organic fruits, vegetables and spices… that’s it. No chemicals, no powders, no pills, no tablets. DINAMO is a liquid natural diabetes supplement of whole foods blended for maximum absorption.

Known whole, natural, organic foods that are beneficial to increasing the sensitivity of cells to insulin are the key elements of DINAMO because they may help the body process glucose and lower blood sugar levels. You can go down the aisle in any pharmacy and find a bunch of shelves loaded with products for the treatment of diabetes.

Take a very close look at those products… because every one of them is loaded with chemicals. There is virtually no product available thatʼs ALL NATURAL specifically for diabetes. Diabetics deserve an ALL-NATURAL choice. DINAMO is that choice! DINAMO was created FOR DIABETICS… with the focus toward helping to maintain blood sugar levels with ONLY NATURAL and ORGANIC ingredients. Ingredients List

DINAMO Diabetes Supplement

  • DINAMO is gluten free!
  • DINAMO is dairy free!
  • DINAMO is soy free!
  • DINAMO is sodium free!
  • DINAMO contains no nuts!

A serving of DINAMO costs less than a bottle of water. A DINAMO supplement costs about 67 cents per serving. Just 67 cents to get DINAMO’s specific combination of raw organic superfoods known to help stabilize blood sugar levels.

The DINAMO supplement has benefited both type 1 and type 2 diabetics.  It’s time for you to see the results for yourself.


We are so confident that DINAMO will change your current life with diabetes, that we want you to try  a week’s supply of DINAMO for FREE!  Whether youʼre unsure, skeptical or just curious, you owe it to yourself to try the DINAMO supplement for free today. DINAMO is a supplement and not a replacement for medication. Any reduction in medication for DINAMO’s testimonials has been under a doctors care. All diabetics should continue to test levels and see their doctor regularly.

Dinamo, Once at Breakfat & once at Dinner


DINAMO is not available anywhere in stores and is only available through this special offer.

Manage your health today… try DINAMO for FREE and decide for yourself. If youʼre living with diabetes, itʼs up to you to live a long, healthy and happy life. We hope DINAMO helps you achieve that success.



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